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Le Jardin

Step up to Le Jardin, located on Mayla Concept’s dreamy second floor, for a dining experience like no other. 

Sit amongst the plants, under the seashell lights in the main dining room and sip one of the curated wines from our private wine cellar. Or savour one of our signature cocktails at your table in front of the custom 9 foot wood fire grill and let your eyes be drawn to the crackling fire while you watch your meal being prepared.

Our chef’s focus on simple fare allows the wood fire to bring out the natural, sometimes surprising, sweet and smoky flavours of our ingredients. Surf, turf, vegetarian dishes and even our desserts are all prepared on or flavoured by the grill. 

From the warm greeting you receive upon entering until your final goodbye, we invite you to immerse yourself in the best things our world has to offer.

Earth, Fire, Water. 

Le Jardin

*Gift cards previously purchased for Mayla Concept are accepted at Le Jardin

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Immerse yourself in the welcoming charm of Le Jardin and savour a dining experience that is visually inspiring and deliciously unique.


Did you know we have Gift Cards?

~ Gift cards can be used at both Bar Mayla & Le Jardin ~

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